Longloaf is a chain of retail bakery stores. The advantage of product is handmade making. So the main metaphor of brand is showed in visual identity through the texture of the fingerprint inserted into kinds of different bakery goods. It demonstrates the process of bakers’ work when they make bread by their own hands. The slogan “natural since the first touch” shows the same idea as well. The name “longloaf” is alliteration. It means a simple loaf but it is assonant with “long love” that sustains the brand metaphor. “You will love it for long” is the ad slogan that reveals the naming and shows the values of company. Colour palette also shows the process of bread baking. It is black soil in the origin, after it is a spike that becomes flour and finally it is bread. It can be wheat baguette, or rye loaf, or chocolate biscuit, and cookies etc.

Роман Миронов
Клиент: Longloaf, Харьков
Roman Mironov, Designer